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Shahi Palace India Grill

Fresh ingredients, rich family traditions, and secret spice blends are the standard at Shahi Palace - and you can taste the difference.

Adrian sits down with chef and co-owner Parminder Singh for a true taste of India, right here in Sioux City.

Diamond Thai

With a fantastic menu and a friendly staff, talented chef/owner Pete Utthachoo prepares traditional Thai and Thai Fusion dishes that will transport you from Sioux City to Southeast Asia with a single bite.

In this feature, Sioux City Foodie sits down to sample some of the popular items that make regulars out of first time visitors.

The Diving Elk

Adrian sits down with owner C.J. Perera for an extensive menu tasting at his gastropub located on Historic 4th Street. Rotating beers, custom cocktails, and an exciting (and constantly changing) menu make this joint an absolute "must-try" on your next trip to Sioux City!

Pierce Street Coffee Works

In this first installment of the Sioux City Foodie web series, Adrian visits Pierce Street Coffee Works and sits down with founder/owner Ron Johns. Known for their stellar sandwich creations, fresh salads, homemade desserts, and consistently spot-on espresso drinks, there's much to look forward to on your next lunch visit to see Ron and his staff. Recommendation? Get there early!



From its origin in the mid 1800’s as a trade stop and gateway to the western Plains, to its boom as a meat packing town achieving notoriety during the Prohibition era, Sioux City has always been a bit scrappy, tenacious, and gritty. The city and surrounding area is filled with hard-working Midwestern folks who like what they like, and aren’t afraid to put their money, well, where that supreme beef burrito is about to go.

It’s remarkable to look at all of the amazing local food shops, restaurants, and food brands that have started throughout the years and continue to flourish in a town the size of Sioux City. An entrepreneurial foodie spirit truly does live here, and it’s about dang time that we started showing it off a bit to the outside world.

Our mission with Sioux City Foodie is simply to highlight the time-tested, trusted, and locally-touted food spots that one might not want to miss when visiting. And don’t worry, we won’t leave out all of the innovators who are currently working hard to widen the culinary options available to us in Siouxland – they will definitely get some love too. So send us your foodie recommendations at – and feel free to tag @SiouxCityFoodie ’til your hungry little heart’s content on Instagram, Facebook, snail-mail, and Twitter. Kidding, no tags on snail-mail. — Sioux City Foodie